Rare MTG Cards is the place to be if you’d like to discover some new and unique Magic Cards to play casually or in tournaments.  We started this site after browsing dozens of sites selling and reviews Magic Cards throughout the web and only finding either the same old cards being featured or a long list of cards that were obviously picked by a computer and not by a human.


Here at Rare MTG Cards, we offer you only the best cards available but we’ll give you a demonstration of the card in action by recording footage of it being played using Forge, a “game” where you can play Magic against the computer’s AI.


Btw, my Magic “Personality” Is Green/Blue according to this quiz.  Not surprisingly, I tend to play with Green-Blue decks the most in my videos.



None of the cards or other products here is sold by me personally but I’ve added links that’ll guide you to where you can purchase them from my affiliate partners.  I do make a small commission from most of the products here.


Please check back here from time to time to find more magic cards added to the lineup.  If you have a favorite card or even a favorite combination, I’d love to hear about it and may even feature it on my site.


Credit goes out to Michael Coghlan for his Creative Commons image I’ve cropped to use as the header images for my site!


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